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Small Business Community

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Who is the group for?

Small Business Owners

Join our community of small business owners and wellington residents that help support each others’ business ventures. Anyone is welcome to join in and post links to local business social media pages and websites. Doing so will help you grow an audience and boost SEO for you while using others services will help keep money in the local economy and flowing right back to you.

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Small Business Supporters

Small Business Supporters Help small business owners in the Wellington regions by liking and sharing pages you’re interested in. By choosing to buy from a small local business instead of franchises or large corporations you will be contributing to your local economy and even reduce damage to the environment in many cases. There’s bound to be a bunch of local businesses to discover that you’ll love to be a part of.

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The benefits of supporting small business

Helping her kid get piano lessons from a young student that’s on a really tight budget for a few years. Then helping that student pay you back for the student dept that was taken from you in taxes last year. You’re funding your own retirement, fire safety, public security, road safety and education. It’s an investment in yourself and the people around you.

Tax benefits The tiny bit extra you pay for a locally grown and made meal will pay off in the schools and health services around you, partly because of the tax that local businesses pay. Large offshore corporations are able to earn billions from NZ citizens without paying a cent in tax.

Money cycles back. Numerous studies have proven that a lot more of the money earned by small business owners gets spent on other small businesses. Helping keep money flowing is the key to creating sustainable local eco-systems.

Environmental Impact. Locally owned businesses often source produce from suppliers and farms in the local area. Doing so helps reduce pollution and frees up space on roads because it requires less energy in supply chains and transportation methods.

Create better jobs. Imagine if nobody in your area had to slave away in a fast-food joint for minimum wage after completing a $30,000 university degree. The more you and others in your local community make conscious decisions about avoiding franchises and buying local, the more opportunity there will be nearby.

Helping people make a simple living. When you buy from a local family run business you’re not allowing some CEO to buy his third holiday home overseas. You’re helping someone’s mum just down the block make a simple living doing what they love.

Escape the 9-5 grind more easily The more people that attempt to run a small business rather than take up a 9-5 job the better your chances are of doing the same. An eco-system of smaller businesses is better than helping sustain large corporations.

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