This website was custom built with Google AMP technology

With this platform you can make web pages out-perform any other platform such as Squarespace or Wordpress. That means your social posts and advertisements may reach more people for less money, and long term costs to host the website are possibly reduced by half.

What is an AMP Website?

Google created AMP as a ligtning fast mobile first framework for building websites. It's especially good for business websites, since mobile speed and functionality is increasingly becoming a ranking factor. The faster your website loads on mobile the less advertisements will cost you, not only in Google ads but Facebook too. The idea is that they want a fast, seamless experience for their users.

What are the costs?

An AMP website wont necesarily cost you more, in fact ongoing costs like hosting will be much less. AMP websites are known to pay for themselves in improved performance. However only professional developers can build AMP websites because AMP doesn't have a content management system like wordpress. You just have to pay for the time it takes to build your website.

7 ways AMP makes websites load faster

Here's a more technical explanation of how AMP websites work.

How can I test technical quality?

You can easily test the quality of any website in minutes using Page Speed Insights.

Test this website load time

Who can benefit from AMP?

Amp webstes are best for small business who do not sell directly through their website, or constantly publish blog articles. If you do need these features it's better to use a system with an integrated E-commerce system.

Not sure what platform to use?

Explain what kind of website you need and ask what platform would work best for you.